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Nubo Service Automation is a cloud software automation and management platform for the business market consisting of a comprehensive cloud catalog, dashboard, and billing engine.

The platform helps you present, automate, and orchestrate your services and products in an orderly fashion. This directly influences your end-users and internal organization. Automation and continuity in your business processes means:

• automated provisioning of your services (cloud, licenses and other software);
• serving clients and prospects faster
• gaining a better insight into sales and service delivery
• boosting your sales activities saving money on costs and time

Cloud Management Platform

Nubo Service Automation provides optimal insight into your business processes. Sales, provisioning, and ticketing are made transparent. On your personalized dashboard you can easily create your desired insights using widgets.

In addition to management and reporting, Nubo Service Automation is also a powerful billing- and payment engine. The platform is compatible with several ERP and CRM systems, which creates one central environment. Here, both you and your customer can conduct management of agreements, and you retain real-time billing insight.

The redundantly executed platform is provided in a license-based format, which includes maintenance of the platform itself. We make use of the latest security standards. Within our SLAs we offer an uptime guarantee of 99,98%.

Nubo Service Automation Microsoft Dynamics
Nubo Service Automation Integrations


The Nubo Service Automation engine gives you the option to automate the provisioning of all your cloud- and software services. This will grant you efficiency in the service delivery process, management, and billing. Whether this concerns integrations with Microsoft (CSP Tier 1, Azure, Office 365),  AWS, or an on premise integration based on openstack, our engine can help you out. As a result of our standard integrations you can quickly start distributing your software or cloud services. You can combine services as you please and provision them directly.

Nubo Service Automation Acronis


Our platform supports a multi-tenant architecture. This makes it possible to create separate storefronts for your own resellers, MSPs, or ISVs. Your partner will have their own storefront with their own look and feel, and will also have the option of adding their own services. In addition, your partner is free to set the prices for the services provided through you. Due to this functionality, you can provide added value to your partner. Role-based administration is included.

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Nubo Service Automation

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