5 advantages of a cloud service automation tool

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The basis of cloud computing is a model in which IT resources are provided on demand, comparable to utilities such as water and electricity. These IT resources consist of, among other things, virtual servers, storage, and network services. But also services such as encryption and performance management. Users need to be able to purchase these resources in a quick and efficient manner, without the intervention of IT providers. That’s why automation is indispensable.

An automated framework defines and allocates resources, it controls and manages the cloud environment and offers reports. For example about usage, costs, and subscriptions of products and services. By making an automated platform such as this available as an organization, processes can be streamlined. This frees up more time to focus on other activities, like better one-on-one contact. The ease of use and speed of the provisioning of IT resources makes it so that end-users will think twice before looking elsewhere. In addition, a cloud service automation tool offers organizations many other advantages.

1. Lower costs and higher flexibility

A cloud service automation tool with cost management ensures insight into your usage and cost information. This offers opportunity to reduce possible double licenses or unused resources. In the long-term you can save costs on IT staff by automation and self-service processes. In addition, automation adds flexibility to your organization. Being flexible comes down to being able to quickly capitalize on change. When you wish to remove a certain IT resource, change direction, and introduce a different resource, the automation tool can ensure workload migration and portability. Not every tool offers this option, but it is crucial for better flexibility.

2. Fast availability

The most important difference between standard automation and a service automation tool that offers complete orchestration, has to do with the difference in cloud tasks and workflows. Whereas automation handles individual tasks, orchestration bundles these in larger, optimized workflows. For example and orchestrated provisioning of an application can consist of the automation provisioning of different servers, storage, databases, and network. When a user requests a certain IT resource, a service automation tool looks at the role and authorizations of this user, after which the request is automatically processed. As a result, employees and departments can access the products within a few hours, instead of a few weeks or months.

3. Verifiably compliant

With some service automation tools, it’s possible to create profiles which are linked to certification standards. Does your organization need to comply with NEN 7510 or ISAE 3402? Then with that profile you will only be shown resources that comply with these standards. Another advantage of the cloud service automation tool is that company policies and compliancy rules can more easily be adhered to. Because automation ensures that services and resources are provisioned in the exact same way each time, for each user and for each group. This reduces the chance of human error. The management and its respective reports can also prove valuable for compliance audits.

4. Central overview

Most cloud providers have automated at least part of their processes. But it makes a world of difference if tasks have been randomly automated, or if they are using one uniform automation platform. By centralizing automation processes under one umbrella, it becomes easier (and both faster and cheaper) to alter or expand IT resources. A central platform also offers the option to create reports, without having to extract this information from different systems.

5. Single point of billing

To be able to save costs it is crucial to have insight into what is being spent on IT resources. A good cloud service automation tool will therefore offer a central point of billing. In this way it is easy to retain a good grip on expenses and create reports on costs and budgets.

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