Grow your business through cloud service automation

By July 9, 2018Heading, Posts
Nubo Service Automation grows your business

Automation is a growing business’ best friend. It saves time and money and creates space for innovation and venture growth. Automating the provisioning or your cloud services is a good example of this.

Many businesses embrace cloud services and a dynamic infrastructure to better attune to the wishes and demands of the business. A cloud service automation platform helps with requesting and provisioning these IT resources in a multicloud environment. This way organizations can work more efficiently and save both time and money. A good way to grow.

Increasing efficiency

Automation, orchestration and integration ensure that IT resources and services can swiftly be provisioned from a multicloud environment. This step in efficiency makes it so that IT employees spend less time on manual tasks, and therefore have more time for other things. As a result of fast (automated) provisioning of IT resources, the productivity and efficiency of employees also receives a boost.

Cost efficiency

With an insightful tool to keep track of cloud services, outdated environments can be phased out and replaced with dynamic infrastructure. This can result in significant savings on IT resources which can have direct consequences on the cash flow of the organization.

More time for innovation

Automating the most important IT processes such as rolling out cloud services, offers an unexpected side-effect: the option to innovate. The moment IT managers and development teams no longer need to spend the majority of their time on repetitive manual tasks, they have time to do research and try out new things. They can use the freed up time to develop new services that could for example improve customer satisfaction, or find a new way to boost sales.


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