How to choose the right service automation tool

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Nubo Service Automation tool

By involving infrastructure and applications from the cloud, organizations become more flexible and are able to adapt quickly to demands made by the ever-changing market. In addition, cloud services can prove cost-efficient.

Still, these cost efficiencies depend on how well the available resources are being used and deployed. Making cloud services manageable is essential to being able to profit from the cost advantage optimally. According to IDC researcher Ashish Nadkarni, over 85 percent of businesses use a hybrid cloud solution. It’s essential to choose a good service automation tool to retain an overview of the environment and to ensure a centrally orchestrated service catalog. A good tool makes services controllable in the areas of management, governance, insight, and overview. Choosing the right tool is no easy task. We list a number of things to take into consideration.

Simple central dashboard

A good tool is simple and intuitive in use, has a central management dashboard, and features a self-service portal. In addition, services are provisioned within a matter of minutes, instead of hours or days. Also look at the flexibility of the system, in how far can the organization adjust the system to their own wants and needs?

Integration with existing and new cloud services

Existing and future investments in cloud services should be able to work together on the service automation platform with no issues. Check to see if the industry standards and existing APIs of for example Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon are supported.

Administrative possibilities

It is also important to look at the administrative possibilities of a cloud service automation tool. The system needs to enable IT administrators to do their work, but it also needs to offer insight into how certain cloud services are used. Another component that needs looking at is a cost overview where you can quickly and easily see which investments are being made into which cloud services. The combination of this overview with the insight into the usage of the services makes it possible to realize cost reductions. Ideally the tool would feature a user-friendly and automated single-point-of-billing system.

Exit strategy

Before a business makes the switch to a cloud service automation tool, it’s important to find out how easily the contract can be cancelled should the tool not be up to par. Does it concern a vendor lock-in situation or are the cloud services purchased directly from the cloud provider?

Secure and reliable

Although this speaks for itself, a secure and reliable tool is the preferred choice. Ensure the platform runs on proven network infrastructure within reliable datacenters. In addition, the platform needs to offer the option to set access per role or user.

A cloud service automation tool provides an organization with the option to save costs on cloud services, purchase the right resources, quickly provision the right services and thus helps you respond quickly to developments and changes in the market, which is essential to a solid competitive position. In addition, a service automation tool does not have to cost an arm and a leg. The current market offers customized high-quality solutions at low license costs with no margin on top of the regular service.


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