Case: The development of the cloud management platform cloudscanner

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Siemon van den Berg founder cloudscanner Nubo Service Automation

Business: The Datacenter Group / cloudscanner

Client: Siemon van den Berg
Position: Founder
Sector: IT

The challenge: How can we better guide our customers through the datacenter services selection process?

The Datacenter Group offers colocation services and has the primary task of securing the equipment of her clients, ensuring excellent climate control and a continuous power supply. The customers of The Datacenter Group heed from different sectors and vary from large multinationals to financial institutions, and from IT service providers to the healthcare sector. These are distinctly different businesses with each their own characteristics and activities, but that have one thing in common: secure data storage and focus on core tasks.

Siemon van den Berg (The Datacenter Group and cloudscanner Founder): “As datacenter provider we are carrier and cloud neutral. This means that customers are free in selecting an internet or cloud provider. We can advise customers in this should they wish. We see that there is an increased need for being able to easily find reliable cloud services from a complete cloud ecosystem. On the flipside this does mean you often can’t see the wood for the trees. At the same time problems can arise through managing the many different cloud services and contracts. This is why we wanted to develop a platform that relieves customers of this added stress.”

The assignment

Develop a public cloud management platform with the option of onboarding cloud providers for partners and customers of The Datacenter Group. Within the platform IT managers need to be able to create profiles to apply to projects and they should be able to apply filters to rule out certain characteristics. Imagine for example selecting services that only store their data in the Netherlands or have certain ISO certifications. In addition, we want to be able to bill customers directly, and to retain insight into which services have been provisioned.

The solution

The assignment of The Datacenter Group was translated into a cloud management platform that automates the ordering process of cloud services. The custom-made platform called ‘cloudscanner’ consists of the following parts:

  • Cloud catalog
  • Profiles with compliancy settings
  • Billing engine
  • Tier 1 API connections
  • Contract management


“With help of Nubo Service Automation we have gained an entire cloud management platform based on our preferences. Now we can, in addition to orchestrating the services of our partners, also provision and resell tier 1 cloud providers. The platform has become a kind of of the cloud, one of the first professional ones in Europe. IT managers are free to sign up, browse and compare cloud services based on their preferences. They are welcome to purchase services from not just our partners, but any cloud provider that wishes to add their products to our platform. We have united the supply and demand of cloud services within this platform. We’re very pleased with how it turned out,” says Van den Berg.

What can you expect from a collaboration with Nubo Service Automation?

The cloudscanner founder continues: “The Nubo Service Automation team is both flexible and professional. They especially took their time to listen to what we wanted and executed this beyond our expectations. During the project there was good back and forth communication which helped finish the project in a timely fashion.”

Advantages for The Datacenter Group / cloudscanner

  • More focus on clients
  • Automated service delivery (provisioning)
  • Boundless partner network
  • Larger reach of target audience
  • Widening of brand portfolio

License type: Enterprise


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