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Karel Saurwalt CEO Nubo Service Automation

Smart entrepreneurs automate

Amsterdam, 31-07-2018

As of today, the Nubo Service Automation platform (Nubo) is live. Nubo is a cloud management and automation platform consisting of a comprehensive cloud catalog, dashboard, and billing engine. The main focus of the platform is the cloud and business market. The platform helps manage, provision, invoice, and present cloud services and products in an orderly fashion, from one central environment.

Improve service through automation, the time is now

The IT market is currently undergoing a shift from traditional ‘local’ IT to consolidated cloud solutions (83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020 by: logicmonitor). This development greatly impacts IT distributors, VARs, MSPs and CSPs. End-user’s dependence on cloud solutions will grow, causing revenue on the provisioning of ‘traditional’ hardware to decrease. This is why IT distributors need to look for new services that match the cloud-demand of end-users. Currently, 7.900 medium to large IT distributors are active in the global IT market. These players, as a result of this new demand, will have to start providing new innovative services. This will cause the demand for provisioning and billing systems for cloud services to rise exponentially.

Eat or be eaten

The Dutch-built software offers businesses the opportunity to quickly start distributing cloud services, based on three different license models. It has become apparent that there is a lot of demand for the brand new platform. Nubo Service Automation was operating even before the launch.

Karel Saurwalt (CEO Nubo Service Automation): “Large IT distributors and ISPs often struggle in areas like flexibility and innovation, causing them to be unable to keep up with the latest IT and cloud trends. Where distributers used to derive their raison d’être from the provisioning of hardware, they now fall short in provisioning cloud services. Using Nubo Service Automation these businesses can easily start providing cloud services, without cannibalizing the existing business model. With the ever lowering margins on the sale of hardware and the arrival of ever more consolidated cloud services, IT distributors are forced to also start providing these new services. The Nubo platform helps the IT distributor in doing this by offering the platform as a service and not meddling with the IT distributor’s margin. This makes us unique within the cloud automation landscape.”

The platform

Nubo Service Automation is a cloud management and automation platform targeted to the IT distributor, VAR (Value Added Reseller) and Microsoft CSP tier 1 and 2 partners. The Nubo platform provides the option of automation and orchestration of multi-vendor (e.g. Microsoft, Amazon, Acronis) and own cloud services (openstack and restAPI). The platform is entirely multi-tenant and can be integrated with the existing provisioning and/or ERP/CRM systems. Management, reporting, billing, and payments can all be done via the platform. It is an entire distribution system for the provisioning of multi-vendor cloud services, with the option of a complete integration with an existing infrastructure.


About Nubo Service Automation

Nubo Service Automation is a cloud management and automation platform that was specifically built for ISPs, IT distributors, resellers, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). We create innovative software services that support this specific target group in better serving their end-customers. This translates into the provisioning of an entire IT-cloud distribution system, which enables this specific target group to commercialize their services (catalog management), to provision, to bill, and to manage. With our software, this target audience is ready for the next level in cloud distribution. The platform is provided as a ‘platform-as-a-service’ with three different license models. Nubo Service Automation has been helping organizations optimize and automate their cloud provisioning process since 2017 and is a subsidiary of The Datacenter Group.



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